Green Light Means Go in Hollywood Bowl Restrooms

October 23, 2013

The Hollywood Bowl has installed a green-red light system to help patrons avoid long lines at restrooms during show intermissions without having to guess whether a stall is available. The Tooshlights system uses a sensor that activates a green LED light in the ceiling above the stall when it’s available. The system is designed to alert people waiting in line to an unoccupied stall and save them an uncomfortable knock or intrusive peek under the closed door to determine whether it’s safe to enter.

“Our patrons have definitely noticed the difference,” said Hollywood Bowl Director of Operations Ed Tom. “There is no more standing in line waiting for stalls that are actually sitting unoccupied.” Tooshlights is similar to a parking stall system used at Santa Monica Place and other public parking garages. Sensors scan for cars and alert drivers with a green light when a stall is available. The Tooshlights sensor measures ceiling height to detect the presence of a person in the stall. Red means wait, green means it’s ok for the next person in line to go.

The Bowl expects to have all restrooms equipped with the system — the product launched in January — by 2014.