• Tooshlights® is a restroom traffic management system that lets guests “know where to go.”

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What it is

The indicator light shows when each stall is available.

  • Guests can find an available stall quickly
  • Lines move up to 50% faster
  • Nobody needs to rattle a door or peek under

Tooshlights® heightens privacy, lowers anxiety, and makes your restroom more efficient.

how it works
Indicator Light
Smart Latch

Our installation consists of two components for each stall.

Each Tooshlights® unit consists of a smart latch and an indicator light. It’s a simple installation, and an easy upgrade in most restrooms. The Tooshlights® smart latch is compatible with most toilet partitions.

The smart latch communicates wirelessly with the indicator light. When the stall is available, the light is green. When the stall is occupied and the smart latch activated, the light turns red.

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Tooshlights® improves your patrons'
entire restroom experience.


Spend less time in line and more time enjoying the venue.


Nobody needs to peek under the stall or rattle the door to find an available stall.


Show your guests that you care about their experience.


Raise venue profile by reducing wait times.

Small upgrade. Big improvement.

  • Tooshlights® is simple to install, an easy upgrade in most restrooms.
  • The smart latch is compatible with most toilet partitions and is battery operated, so no wiring is required.
  • Indicator lights are powered over ethernet (POE), and multiple indicators can be run from a single power supply, with wiring through the ceiling plenum or surface-mounted with conduit.
Frequently asked questions

Say goodbye to the times when your guests didn’t know squat.

From 1 stall to 1000, any restroom can benefit from Tooshlights®.

Facilities that have high-traffic periods, or a short time-window for restroom breaks, such as theaters and schools, can see a significant speed-up of restroom lines. In places where customers are pressed for time, such as airports or train stations, the increased speed and reduced anxiety is a welcome enhancement.

In any facility where restrooms are crowded, the convenience and confidence of Tooshlights® will be appreciated.

Sports Venues



Shopping Malls

Train Stations



Convention Centers




Office Buildings


Houses of worship

Government Buildings

The smart restroom will soon be even smarter...

Tooshlights® has joined the Internet of Things (IoT).

Upgrade your Tooshlights® with the addition of our Modus Systems, subscription-based cloud application. Now venue owners and facility managers can access real-time information about restroom usage; utilizing data to make better decisions that ultimately improve guest experience. With our customizable, facility-specific dashboard we have the ability to deliver information such as: stall occupancy, usage statistics, connection state, server health and even battery life while maintaining the privacy and anonymity of your guests.

Interested in putting Tooshlights® to work?

Contact us for more information about how we can help you improve communication, raise venue profile and enhance your guest’s experience through more efficient traffic-flow and clear way-finding.