TOOSHLIGHTS, Public Restroom Lighting System Lights The Way Letting Patrons “Know Where To Go”.

October 16, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 16, 2013) -Tooshlights™, the first to market public restroom lighting system is paving the way for the future of public restrooms, letting patrons “know where to go” as denoted by the lighting systems installed above the public restroom stalls. Launching January 2014 under Co-founders Allen Klevens and Todd Bermann, this LED lighting system expedites restroom wait times, enhances restroom security, assures restroom privacy, and the lights are 100% accurate as to whether the restroom is available for use.

“This is a very exciting launch for us as we have been working on this product for over a year to find the solution to a problem that has not yet been approached. People do not like speaking about going to the bathroom as it is a private matter. What we have done is brought the largest public restroom problem in history to the forefront and solved it with our products. Tooshlights™ can be used by everyone, anywhere public restrooms are located. The next time you find yourself in a public restroom not knowing if a stall is available or not, make sure to refer the venue to Tooshlights™,” says Co-Founder and CEO Allen Klevens.

Tooshlights™ elevates the profile of venues that make a conscious effort for the care and safety of patrons who use their public restrooms. This level of customer service propels patrons’ venue experience with an efficient and comfortable way to navigate public restrooms. In return, venues attract a growing number of attendees who appreciate this level of customer care.

Whether for one, or hundreds of stalls, Tooshlights™ are perfect for female or male, stalls. Although more of a concern for larger venues, Tooshlights™ cuts down the restroom wait time for patrons drastically, allowing them to return to the activities and events at hand. Even for those single or couple of stall public restrooms, patrons will have optimal privacy while in use.

Tooshlights™ operates utilizing a wireless technology that optimizes a sensor’s range, which is reliant on the stall’s dimensions, to trigger a LED light to change to either a red or green color, signaling venue attendees about the stall’s occupancy. This technology has been perfected for both regular and handicapped bathroom stalls, and is not disrupted by varying stall occupants. In addition, venue owners have the ability to change the color of the lights depending on whether a stall is functioning or out of order, further escalating the restroom’s flow of traffic.

Ideal for stadiums, theaters, museums, libraries, high-rises, convention centers, airports, malls, universities, casinos, concert halls, schools, movie theaters, theme parks, hotels, and more, Tooshlights™ was created from a specific request from a loyal Hollywood Bowl patron looking for a higher level of customer experience. With partial installation done, the Hollywood Bowl expects to have complete installation in all of their public restrooms in 2014.

“Tooshlights™ at our venues have really improved the flow of traffic in the restroom facilities. There is no more standing in line waiting for stalls that are actually sitting unoccupied. Our patrons have definitely noticed the difference,” says Hollywood Bowl Director of Operations Ed Tom.

With Tooshlights™ initial round of funding, money will be allocated for the “go to market” campaign and mobile app development. Tooshlights™ is looking to expand their technology to include a mobile app that will keep venue owners and patrons up-to-date in real-time regarding the exact number of available restroom stalls. For those avid patrons, this will allow them to time their restroom breaks for the best customer experience and shortest restroom wait time, all supplemented by Tooshlights™ promise of security, privacy, and accuracy.

377424_484159881604111_875548913_nBy PMBC Group