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how it works

Smart latch and deadbolt

The smart latch and deadbolt communicate wirelessly with the indicator light.


Indicator light

When the stall or restroom is available, the light is green. When they are occupied and the smart latch or deadbolt is activated, the light turns red.


Happy patrons

Waiting customers can move quickly to an available stall. No one needs to peek under the doors or rattle them to find a place to go.

Tooshlights improves your patrons'
entire restroom experience.


Spend less time in line and more time enjoying the venue.


Nobody needs to peek under the stall or rattle the door to find an available stall.


Show your guests that you care about their experience.


Raise venue profile by reducing wait times.

Say goodbye to the times when your guests didn’t know squat.

From 1 stall to 1000, any restroom can benefit from Tooshlights.

Facilities that have high-traffic periods, or a short time-window for restroom breaks, such as theaters, arenas and stadiums , can see a significant speed-up of restroom lines. In places where customers are pressed for time, such as airports or train stations, the increased speed and reduced anxiety are welcome enhancements while raising the venue profile.

In any facility where restrooms are crowded, the convenience and confidence of Tooshlights will be appreciated. Today, Tooshlights will set your restroom apart and make it "smart". In five years, it will be a prerequisite for any popular facility.

Sports Venues



Shopping Malls

Train Stations



Convention Centers




Office Buildings


Houses of worship

Government Buildings

  • “We are excited to install this new technology so our guests will know automatically which stalls are available and which are occupied. The real-time data that Tooshlights provides will also allow us to address potential facilities issues in a timely fashion and help to keep our restrooms clean.”
  • "Tooshlights at our venue have really improved the flow of traffic in the restroom facilities. There is no more standing in line waiting for stalls that are actually sitting unoccupied. Our patrons have definitely noticed the difference!"
  • "Just like a physical traffic management system, these smart restrooms will allow us to do our job better and more efficiently."
John Doug
Gernal Manage, Hollywood Bowl

Ready for the future of
restroom traffic management?

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