Modus Systems is an innovative company positioned at the intersection of architecture & technology.

Our vision is to better connect people with the spaces that they occupy through the use of real-time, venue-specific information. Our intent is to revolutionize the human/building interface.

our mission

Beginning with the introduction of our first product, Tooshlights - a restroom traffic management system, our mission is to better communicate restroom stall occupancy, so that your guests “know where to go.”

The net result of improved communication will raise venue profile and enhance your guest’s experience through more efficient traffic-flow and clear way-finding.

Less line, more privacy.

Our Values

Our core values as people are the guiding principles of Modus Systems. as a business. We stand for sustainability: that exciting new products and experiences should not come at the cost of people or the environment. We believe that through honesty, reliability, communication and commitment, we can make every customer satisfied with the products and services they receive from us.

Allen Klevens
Founder, CEO
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Allen Klevens is an entrepreneur who likes people and enjoys creating productive business relationships with them. Starting in sales over 20 years ago, he founded Prescriptive Music in 1999 and built it from a ‘garage start-up’ it into a multi-million dollar organization by being able to strike mutually profitable deals with companies both small and large. He credits his success to a combination of personal openness and transparency, and a readiness to listen to the needs and challenges of his business associates and clients, and craft optimal solutions for them. Successfully selling his company in 2012, he was ready for his next “idea.”

At Modus Systems, Klevens is responsible for overall sales, marketing, and management, including day-to-day operations from production to installation. He was inspired to create Tooshlights by the opportunity to talk sensibly about a problem that most people are hesitant to mention – the restroom – and then to do something constructive about it. His goal is to see Tooshlights installed in every public restroom around the world.

Jorge E. Molina
Chief Operating Officer
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Jorge E. Molina is an operations executive specializing in the optimization of manufacturing infrastructure. For over two decades he has refined tactical and strategic leadership capacity forging operational excellence to meet customer and stakeholder objectives. His experience with complex regulated divisions of global icons such as, Gillette®, Tyco International®, and Flextronics® as well as start up organizations have culminated in noteworthy accomplishments including; business unit turn-arounds, launch of technical manufacturing, integration of multi-site, multinational supply chains and proudly the development and mentorship of future and current leadership.

As VP of Operations, Jorge is responsible for the manufacturing and operations infrastructure to assure the successful launch and progression of the Modus Systems mission.

Jorge has bachelor degree in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego, served honorably in the US Army Reserves and is most proud of his lovely family, including his wife and two daughters.

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