Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tooshlights work?

Each Tooshlights unit consists of a smart latch and an indicator light. It’s a simple installation, and an easy upgrade in most restrooms. The smart latch is compatible with most toilet partitions. The smart latch communicates wirelessly with the indicator light. When the stall is available, the light is green. When the stall is occupied and the smart latch activated, the light turns red. Multiple indicator lights can be run from a single power supply, wired through the ceiling plenum, or surface-mounted with conduit.

How easy is it to upgrade an existing restroom with Tooshlights?

The upgrade is fast and easy in most restrooms. The original latch on each stall door is removed, and a Tooshlights smart latch is installed. An indicator light is mounted on the ceiling above each stall door or on the wall. The indicator lights are wired to a central power supply that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Indicator lights can be daisy-chain wired above the ceiling or through a surface-mounted raceway using Tooshlights easy plug-and-play cable.

Do I have to modify a toilet partition door to install the Tooshlights smart latch?

The Tooshlights smart latch is designed to be compatible with most widely-used stall doors, requiring only removal of the old latch hardware from the door itself. IMPORTANT: We do require a minimum of 1 ½” clearance on all pilaster sides of partitions. Please make note of this especially next to ADA or Ambulatory stalls.

Does Tooshlights require code approval?

Tooshlights is a UL Listed, low-voltage device and the power-supply for display units plugs into a standard AC receptacle. Check local jurisdiction for permitting requirements. If an additional, specially-located AC receptacle is needed, it should be installed by a licensed electrician, and may require permitting.

Does Tooshlights consume a lot of electrical power?

No, power consumption is low. Tooshlights smart latches run on a small, standard-sized battery that is widely available. It lasts approximately 1 year at maximum usage and, and can be replaced using simple hand-tools. The Tooshlights indicator lights use low-power LED’s, and run off a central power supply that plugs into a standard AC receptacle. Up to 30 display units can be run off a single 20 amp power supply.

Do you have to wire every stall door and the toilet partitions?

No, the stalls doors and partitions don’t have to be wired at all. The Tooshlights smart latch is battery operated, and communicates wirelessly with its indicator light.

Will Tooshlights wireless system interfere with computers, mobile phones, or other radio-based communications?

No. Tooshlights uses wire-free communication between the smart latch and the indicator light that will not interfere with the operation of other mobile devices.

What is the minimum number of restroom stalls that you can install?

A single Tooshlights unit may be installed.

What is the maximum number of restroom stalls that you can install?

The system is completely scalable, so there is no theoretical maximum number of units. A maximum of 30 indicator lights can be run from a single power supply. Normally, all the indicator lights along a single row of stalls would be wired together, using one power supply for each row.

What kind of maintenance does the Tooshlights system require?

Tooshlights smart latches run on batteries which will require replacement from time to time. To let you know that a battery is low, the indicator light will slowly pulse when it is time for the battery to be replaced in the smart latch. Smart Latches and indicator lights should be kept clean. No other regular maintenance is required.

Will an upgrade to the Modus Systems Analytics require buying new hardware?

The Tooshlights indicator lights are designed to be upgraded for data collection. They would require an additional firmware update that may be accessed remotely and pushed from the cloud once purchased and activated. Smart Latches will not require any modification.

Are Tooshlights systems vandal and abuse resistant?

Tooshlights are made from rugged materials that are meant to withstand typical restroom wear and tear. Tooshlights come standard with tamper-resistant hardware.

Can Tooshlights be installed in wet areas such as shower stalls?

Although all Tooshlights electronics are coated with a military-grade, hydrophobic sealant, we do not recommend installing them in permanently wet locations. We also recommend against pressure washing the smart latch or indicator light.

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