Tooshlights are for use in any public restroom from 1 stall to 1,000. Tooshlights raises venue profile and improves your guest’s experience by reducing wait time and guiding patrons to the next available restroom stall. Each Tooshlights unit consists of a smart latch or deadbolt and an indicator light. It’s a simple installation and an easy upgrade in most restrooms. The smart latch and deadbolt communicate wirelessly with the indicator light. When the stall is available, the light is green. When the stall is occupied and the smart latch or deadbolt is locked, the light illuminates red. (Blue light indicates an open ADA/Handicap Stall)

Indicator Lights

Small Frosted

Mounting Options

Ceiling Mount
Wall Mount
Pendant Mount

Tooshlights Smart Latch

Interior with Patch Kit

Tooshlights Smart Deadbolt

Side View

Tooshlights Hub

Hub Power Switch and LED Panel
Hub Ethernet Panel