Public Restrooms Reduce Waits By Learning From Parking Garages

July 1, 2014

engadget tooshlights

What’s the worst part of attending a sporting event or concert in person? It’s definitely the lines, right? There’s the line to get in, another to nab snacks and a beer, then yet another to use the loo. Well, restroom wait times are getting drastically reduced at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles thanks to a new stall indicator system from Tooshlights (yes, that’s really the name).

Inspired by the city’s parking space lights in its garages, the company is applying the same logic to public restrooms at arenas and music venues — with the aforementioned amphitheater being the first installation. For places like the Bowl with long rows of stalls in its bathrooms, the tech ensures attendees don’t overlook open stalls, contributing to missed action outside. In addition to the red and green lighting scheme, Tooshlights is also working on a software component that can be piped into a venue’s app, showing where the shortest lines are around the facility. As you might expect, it also monitors use, alerting staff that a toilet being avoided at halftime may be in need of attention.

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