Social Distancing in Public Restrooms: Who has the answer?

May 4, 2020

tooshlights social distancing imageHere’s How Large Venues Can Take Covid-19 Precautions And Increase Their Revenue In The Process

It’s no secret COVID-19 has turned the venues and events industry on its head. Every size stadium, airport, arena, and convention center has suffered from dramatic cancellations, refunds, and re-contracting thanks to this international pandemic.

Coronavirus has “hit home” in more than one way: becoming a global pandemic, affecting businesses, and altering the daily lives of Americans as well – right in their very own homes.

So while it is tempting to try and jump straight back into “business as usual,” once the restrictions are lifted – smart venues will realize the impact of COVID-19 is far from over.

“Post-COVID-19” consumers are looking for extra assurances – and visual cues – that indicate safer environments.

And they simply will not feel 100% comfortable in any venue, event center, or public space without knowing the owners are taking action to prevent any future outbreaks.

Luckily, bathrooms are one of the highest-impact areas where businesses can make a difference with a minimal investment of time and resources – and yet affect a change almost every visitor will notice immediately.

Showing You Care About Consumer Safety In The Covid-19 Era

Venues, event facilities, and commercial businesses with a high volume of foot traffic like airports simply cannot drastically increase the number of employees they have on staff just to enforce things like social distancing and so forth – nor would it offer the total assurances that modern consumers are looking for.

Instead, today’s state-of-the-art facilities will be looking to find technological solutions to their problems.

You can be sure there will be upgrades from analog to automatic solutions across the board. For example, automatic hand soap dispensers, additional hand sanitizer dispensers, automatic paper towel dispensers and automatic flushometers are all important pieces of the Smart Restroom.

Tooshlights®, a Restroom Traffic Management System, makes the smart restroom even smarter. As an Internet of Things solution to the age-old “vacancy/occupied” dilemma, they are a brand new bathroom innovation. Customers haven’t seen anything like it before.

In fact, we hold the patent for Tooshlights and we are the first to market.

On top of that, Tooshlights have a very high visual impact on consumers. Tooshlights immediately let visitors know which stalls are occupied and available at a single glance, with a sleek and modern design.

This sends a clear and present visual message – this environment is safe.

Cleanliness Now Has A New Component: Social Distancing

Tooshlights enhance privacy in one of the most sensitive spaces any large venue or commercial business has: the restroom. Best of all, installation is painless.

Upgrading to Tooshlights® is easy: all any venue will need to do is replace the latches on their restroom stall doors, then install their chosen indicator lights via ceiling mount, wall mount, or pendant mount.

The latch on the stall door wirelessly communicates with the indicator light to provide “occupied/available” signals.

Smart Bathrooms Save Venues Time and Ensure The Cleanest Environments

But the Internet of Things intelligence doesn’t stop there – because a company’s Restroom Traffic Management System will record live data on traffic in their stalls.

They will be able to see the busiest times, lightest times, and track trends.

Imagine, knowing EXACTLY when you should clean the restrooms each day to maximize the positive impression you leave – and perhaps save yourself on cleaning supplies in the long run when you “have it down to a science.”

Plus, there are even security-enhancing benefits of this as well. For instance, if a stall has been closed “too long,” a staff member can check to see if anyone is hurt, sick or injured.

“Post-COVID-19” Consumers Prefer To Visit Safe Locations

So how will this ultimately affect the bottom line of venues? Simple. Customers vote with their wallets. When they feel safe and cared for, they feel more comfortable staying for an extended time – and spending their hard-earned money at any location.

If they feel unsafe, they may wish to leave as soon as possible so they can go back to the comfort of their own home. Tooshlights® have the opposite effect – safety and comfort.

This is nothing new: it’s the same reason you add comfort features of any kind to a venue. Amenities simply increase profits, and this works especially well the larger the venue is.

On top of that, the novelty of Tooshlights® will most likely prompt a wave of new consumer enthusiasm – people telling their friends about the new at the airport or convention center, which causes a sort of “sight-seeing” effect.

After a while, every venue will have them and the effect will wear off, but if a venue is one of the first to have them, the extra bump in profits just might help offset the losses from COVID-19 in general.