Tooshlights Featured In Architectural Products Magazine

October 10, 2013

The Hollywood Bowl is a 17,000-seat concert venue; a recent renovation of the facility included several bathroom facilities that regularly overflow with people during the shows’ 15-minute intermissions each night. Tired of lines of patrons waiting for open stalls, the venue’s owners asked their crafty A/V contractors, Todd Bermann and Allen Klevens, for a solution. Todd and Allen devised an LED indicator lighting solution mounted on the ceiling


above the stall. A sensor detects the presence of a person and turns the light red to indicate that the stall is in use and green when it’s unoccupied. “We’ve all been in a public restroom with a line out the door, and no way to tell if a stall is open, occupied or out of order without looking under the door or peeking through the crack,” says co-founder and CEO of Tooshlights™, Allen Klevens. “Tooshlights™ is the way to know where to go,” he jokes. “Patrons love them and owners love them,” says Rios Clementi Hale Designer and Project Manager Laura Kos. The lights have increased the traffic flow at the Hollywood Bowl restroom by 100%, reports Klevens.

Tooshlights will ship out its products with CAD drawings and the Tooshlights overlayed on the layout; an electrical contractor can perform the installation or Tooshlights™ will recommend one from its network of installers.